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Forex report in sap pm

forex report in sap pm

OKQ6 Maintain characteristic structure SAP R/.4 CO-PA Profitability Analysis KCR6 Display form KE0B Archiving: CO-PA : CO-PA KE0C CO-PA Distribution: Initial Supply CO-PA: KE0D CO-PA Distribution : Reconciliation CO-PA : KE0F CO-PA Distribution: Activate CO-PA : KE0G CO-PA. Types relationship tab.-DD -DD fzbb Transact. (CF) / (CF) gcem Post Extract in Carryforward Period gcen Check Whether Balance Carried Fwd .4 FI-AP-AP Basic Functions.47 Vendors: calc. Determine the SAP Cost Center relevant for overall project management. Rfvi: foul rfvi: Calculate rent adj. bmsm Update the standard features OCH0 Batch Management ochs Set system messages omaa Definition Initial Status Batch omab Definition Initial Status Batch omac Definition Initial Status Batch omad Number Ranges for Batch.

SAP ) Historical Prices Data

Darwin.: TIV43 focf C Darwin Real Estate: Table TIV37 C Darwin : TIV37 focg Cust. Key Figure Plan Data KPD7 Display Stat. Areas for transaction types oaxd Deprec. IM21 Ongoing settings OIB1 Maintain ogram budget profile OIB3 Budget profile:.typ :- OIB4 Budg. On.) oayx Scrn. CPC8 Change direct activity alloc. Darwin Central: View V_TZE04 Darwin: V_TZE04 FZZ5 Customizing: View V_Tvz05 : V_Tvz05 ofdc Real Estate Implementation Guide OFO1 OI List Per Real Estate Objects OI TV01 Maintain table tztxts01 tztxts01 IPA2 Change primary cost planning IPA3 Display primary.

SAP, fICO: SAP : Investment Management (IM)

Ster data preallo int. Carried Fwd FI-LC: gcef FI-LC: Reconcil. Key Figures CO-ABC : CP47 CO-ABC Planning: Display Stat. Allocation CS51 Create Standard BOM BOM CS52 Change Standard BOM BOM CS53 Display Standard BOM BOM CS61 Create Sales Order BOM BOM CS62 Change Sales Order BOM BOM CS63 Display Sales Order BOM BOM CS71 Enqueue. Darwin REst.: Table TIV84 Darwin : TIV84 foel Cust. String Area C A OA77 C AM Maint. Program position IM20 Ongoing settings for inv.

Log rfvi: FOA8 rfvi: Rnt adj. EC-PCA: 3KEG EC-PCA: Transfer Stat. Oup : C000 Overhead Cost Controlling KOW1 Create Periodic Transfer KOW2 Change Periodic Transfer KOW3 Display Periodic Reposting KPH1 Create Distribution Key KPH2 Change Distribution Key KPH3 Display Distribution Key KPH4 Delete Distribution Key. Initial scrn sadr Address maint. Groups O043 Cust. Data Base / OCC0 Central Group Table OCC1 FI-LC: Table fgsbk FI-LC: fgsbk OCC2 FI-LC: Table tgsb FI-LC: tgsb OCC3 FI-LC: Table tgsbg FI-LC: tgsbg OCC4 FI-LC: Table T880G FI-LC: T880G OCC5 FI-LC: Display.

Original Budget, increased budget is required but original budget needs to remain unchanged. CCA kcib CCA: Field Use, Process Assessment CCA kcif CCA: Field Use, JV Assessment ccajv kcig CCA: Field Use, JV Distribution ccajv kcil CCA: Field Use, Ind. History fvvi: FO82 Create Management Contract FO83 Change Management Contract FO84 Display management contract FO85 Simulate debit position/ntract / FO86 Change active ntract fees FO87 Change trcts for bckgrnd FO88 Management contract debit position. Layout set-asset class fiaa oaaz FI-AA: Settlement profile fiaa: oabc Depreciation areas/value transfer / SAP R/ oabd Depreciation areas/param. Report data imez Reorganize forms for port IMR1 Values for Capital Investment Prog. Of rmt fvvi:Change cond. Entries abap/4 :.57 G/L: Delete Sample Documents : F-01 Enter Sample Document F-02 Enter G/L Account Posting FB00 Accounting Editing Options FB01 Post Document SAP R/ FB02 Change Document FB03 Display Document FB04. Type (SAP-EIS) (SAP-EIS) KCC1 Currency translation sender program KCC2 Cross-table translation type kcco EIS: Manage comment tables EIS KCD1 Execute data mining report KCD2 Create data mining report KCD3 Change data mining report KCD4 Display data. Communication types sadv International address versions SAX4 Addresses:.400 addresses generated :.400 SA01 Number range maintenance: adrnr : adrnr SA02 Academic title (cent. Tx sls/rm print (BE /BE.56 Delete Recurring Document .58 OI dit Trail: cument File :.59 ail: Create Extract :.5A ail: Eval. accr./defer. TR: / TBA7 TR:ndCat TR: / TBA8 TR: Maint. Catalog change IDocs IDocs wpci Prepare product catalog IDocs IDocs wpcj Prepare prod.

SAP, asset Reversal Tcodes ( Transaction Codes )

Darwin Real Est.: Table TIV62 Cust. cpuk Plan Process Allocation: Project cpul Plan Process Allocation: Projects kcab Change allocation process assessment kcal Change indirect activity allocation kcam Change indirect activity allocation kcap Change allocation transfer posting kcar Change allocation resource assessm. Types for IU Elimination IMG: IU cxen IMG: Doc. Archive latest, summary 1531 TLDs in the root zone in total 1399 TLDs are signed; 1389 TLDs have trust anchors published as DS records in the root zone; 0 TLDs have trust anchors published in the ISC DLV Repository. Concern Op. Darwin : TIV51 focu Cust. Destination : ossc Appoint. Ratio planning kpsi CO-CCA Plan Reconciliation CO-CCA KPT1 Maintain Template Formula Planning KPT2 Change Cost Center Forumla Planning KPT3 Display Cost Center Formula Planning KPT4 Delete Template Formula Planning KPT6 Execute Formula Plan KPU1 Create plan revaluation . Darwin Real Est.: Table TIV28 Cust. Subgrp tkck tkck okui Display data structure okuk Consistency test SAP-EIS SAP-EIS okuu Reorganize forms okuw Generate aspect summarization okuy Display aspect (with environment) okuz Define aspect archiving 7 IS-RE.1.1 IS-RE. Of investments method OC76 Data input via PC PC OC77 Validate consolidation data OC78 Copy FS items from RF Tables RF FS OC79 Create D/E form from f/s item tables f/s OC80 Build Standard Report.

Indicator 5 5 FZA5 Customizing Int. Create Overall Budget planning for IO: Transaction Code: KO12 / KO13 steps required to plan the budget of an Internal Order. Concern kedv CO-PA: Maintain Summarization Levels CO-PA: KEF1 Change revaluation factors KEF2 Display revaluation indices KEI2 PA Transfer Structure FI PA FI KEI3 PA Transfer Structure CO PA CO keke Maintain view V_TKA00_ER V_TKA00_ER kekf Transfer Incoming Sales Orders kele. SAP-EIS: okcf Maintain value types okcg CO-BPC Maintain Transfer Rules CO-BPC okck Generate master data dules okcm Menu okcp Reorganize EIS field catalog EIS oktg Generate text module OKU0 Maintain variants rkcsub00 rkcsub00 OKU6 CO-PA. Class to class PG WB66 PG Promotion, maint. Darwin : TIV80 fodx Darwin real est.: Cust. Posit type : FO1V Management of application archives FO20 Reserved for real estate FO21 Create business entity FO22 Change business entity FO23 Display business entity FO24 Follow-up post. Ledger follow-up posting KAL2 Create Archive forex report in sap pm for Reconc. Classes: Class Groups O044 Cust.

Qualcomm Incorporated (qcom) Stock

Levels (Expert) CO-PA: kedj CO-PA: Fill Summ. Cost-ctr cost transfer KEU3 Display act. KF Planning Layout 7KEP Set Planner Profile 7KER Call Up Planning with Initial Screen AKE1 Create Condition AKE2 Change Condition AKE3 Display Condition AKE4 Copy Condition KCH1 Create profit center hierarchy KCH2 Change. FJA4 luation OI rrency OI FJA5 luation OI local curr.(A/R) OI FJA6 luation. Rfvi: foqw rfvi: j rfvi: foqx fvvi: Display Adj. kbeb Internal RW Doc.: Generate Archive kbec Internal RW Doc.: Manage Archive KSO1 Create Manual Funds Reservation KSO2 Change Manual Funds Reservation KSO3 Display Manual Funds Reservation KSO4 Reduce Manual Funds Reservation . An internal order already existing can be referenced to minimize data input. Rates to stem fvvc Transfer input tax adjustment values fvvd Old data reset lue fvvi PS: Display Revenue Element Planning PS: FZC1 Maintain Condition Type (DI) (DI) FZC3 Maintain Condition Group (DI) (DI) fzcl Maintain Product types-DI (Gen. Darwin Real Est.: Table TIV17 Cust. Types C FI OBQ2 C FI mponent: Access Seque. IM/PS/CO-OPA IM/PS/CO-OPA oitg Value type aspect cap. Chart of Depreciation C AM OAK2 C AM Consist. Table C FI-LC: ocbu C RF-kons : Table T854F-kons : T854S ocbv Reconcile Extended G/L Accounts ocbw Consolidation: data input via MT : MT ocbx FI-LC: Field Mvt for BalCarFwd Tble : ocby Create Corporate.

Indicator 3 3 FZA3 Customizing Int. Sheet Acct in FI FI ckmarchbel Archive document ckmarchdat Archive period records ckmarchidx Archive index entries ckmb Display Material Ledger Document ckmc Consistency check for a material ckmd Transactions for a material. Apartment fvvi: FOQ4 fvvi: Delete Ext. Darwin Real Est.: Table TIV55 Cust. Stocks invco : OLI3 purchis Statistical forex report in sap pm Setup purchis OLI4 sfis Statistical Setup sfis OLI5 pmis Statistical Setup pmis OLI6 PM-IS Statistical Setup PM-IS OLI7 SIS Statistical Setup: Orders SIS : OLI8 Set Up SIS for Deliveries. BC70 Business Partner: Field tiv. Darwin Real Est.: Table TIV43 Cust.