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Strategi forex scalping

strategi forex scalping

The average profit under the transaction is small and a large spread can reduce it significantly. Traditional indicators such as moving averages, RSI and Stohastic overbought/oversold oscillators, macd trend indicators, etc. It is important to remember that entry points are calculated particularly for their quick processing and cannot be used on older timeframes. Automated trading may also be disabled for short-term transactions, and you should make sure it is available before opening an account. Requirements for a broker, scalping Forex trading sets high requirements for a broker and for the quality of communication channels: In his work from home pharmacist jobs charlotte nc technical conditions, the broker must expressly allow opening of short-term transactions. Even if scalping is allowed, attention should be paid to the amount of spread in the selected trading instrument. It is best to use a dedicated server (VPS) for uninterrupted operation of advisor. Besides that, in case of short-term transactions or publication of important fundamental news, a spread can increase by several times. Regarding the duration of a transaction, there is no well-defined opinion. Pluses and minuses of scalping, traditionally, scalping attracts beginners with the possibility of quick profits and simplicity of outward trading process.

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Initially, it was assumed that transactions will last no more than 3-5 minutes; however, more lengthy periods (up to 15 minutes) are considered as scalping transactions. When analyzing the market, possible slippage must be taken into consideration. Otherwise, in case of the loss of communication with the broker, all open transactions can close, and the advisor will resume its operation "with a clean slate which, in case of scalping, can result in big losses (especially in cases when martingale is used). Internet speed can be increased; however, if a broker processes requests slowly, you will never have profitable scalping when every second is important. A period not older than one and half-two years needs to be used for testing, older periods are not suitable: market conditions change very quickly with regard to scalping, and that produced profit 3-4 years ago does not work today. Automated scalping trading, a great number of advisors that implement scalping trading strategies have been developed, and that is quite understandable - transactions last several minutes, they require accurate determination of entry/exit points, and the trader always tends. Technically, it is possible to quickly open and close a transaction with the duration less than one minute in case of direct connection with the liquidity provider (ECN) or with an exchange platform. As a variant of loss reduction, we can consider the transfer to a fixed fee for each transaction. It is necessary to remember that, besides the trader, scalping imposes specific requirements for the broker's technical conditions, communications systems, characteristics of the financial asset, and especially tough requirements for trading discipline and money management. Transactions on demo accounts can be opened instantly, and the statistics of all scalping advisors looks good; however, when transitioning to real accounts slippage can significantly spoil the results. History-based test results must show gradual growth of profit without dramatic spikes or gaps.

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High-frequency trading (HFT) can be seen as a modern example of scalping pips. Scalping pips is a type of scalping with time intervals of 1-2 minutes, and analysis is carried out by way of tick chart. In case of manual trading, you can make a good profit in such case, but it is better to turn off the advisor. Particularly, this method of trading has the largest volume of financial losses. It is important at the moments of the release of fundamental news, when strong price fluctuations are observed on the market. Advantages of scalping: Possibility to gain quick profits; Minimum requirements for deposit amount: due to a large number of transactions, it is possible to gain good profits even on cent accounts; Scalping strategies have weak dependence on the global market trends and fundamental factors. Indicators are used only in package, and scalping practice showed that in order to have successful trading, at least one trend indicator and an oscillator that confirms its signals are required. There are good examples of scalping on Price Action, but it requires great experience and beginners should better use technical indicators. The main group of brokers promises to keep the spread unchanged; however, sometimes there have been precedents of "unpredictably floating" spread.

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